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  • ++++ Heat Resistant up to 900C/1650F +Acid Pickling Resistant, Flexible, Strong Plastics instead of Clumsy Metal Tags +Industrial Adhesives for Oily or Uneven/Difficult Surfaces +Printable with Standard Computer Printers (Laser, Thermal Transfer, Dot-Matrix)+Heat Resistant up to 900C/1650F +Acid Pickling Resistant, Flexible, Strong Plastics instead of Clumsy Metal Tags +Industrial Adhesives for Oily or Uneven/Difficult Surfaces +Printable with Standard Computer Printers (Laser, Thermal Transfer, Dot-Matrix)++++
Tags+Labels Identification Systems
Heavy Duty Attachment Clips
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312-> Multi-Use Tags & Labels for In and Outdoors

Multi-Use Tags & Labels for In and OutdoorsLabels and tags in plastic pouches are widely used in engineering, supply chain industry and warehouses: However condensation within the pouch, seal adhesive residue, excessive manual labor and high costs are just a few negative factors concerning this application. And it could be so easy. The combination of our strong films with an adhesive back (partial or full exposed) is the answer. No matter what surface, it either sticks or hangs with clips/wire. Water, oil, cleaning agents and the outdoor environment do not affect stability. This is an effective time saver and delivers a secure solution.
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311-> A new line of Low Cost Labels

A new line of Low Cost LabelsDurable, weather resistant and very sticky are specifications of our new economic low cost label line 6993, available for Laser and Thermal Transfer Printers. The metallic look of this new material has proven to be very successful while meeting lowest budgets at the same time.
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310-> Low-cost alternatives for tags

Low-cost alternatives for tagsThe costs of tags depends on the thickness. For wire rod identification, ITI Industrial Supplies customers have been using tags from 5 - 8 mil. The differences are in how the tags are used. The fastening method - single wire or ITI Industrial Supplies wire clips - has a major impact on tensile strength. A double hole increases the strength at the hole by at least by 30 %, compared to a single hole. This means that a thinner and therefore lower cost version brings the same results. A comparison of temperature resistance may also lead to savings. Our 6 mil ITI Industrial Supplies #7227 and for temperatures up to 200C/400F is approx. 30% lower in cost than the #7278 or #7288 in 7 mil thicknesses for 230C/450 F – with similar properties.
Application: Tags – an analysis of the application can save money
Benefit: Wide range of options offers flexibility and potential for savings
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309-> How to reduce printing costs with newer type Oki and Lexmark laser printers

ow to reduce printing costs with newer type Oki and Lexmark laser printersThe cost/benefit comparison between a thermal transfer printer and a laser printer comes out clearly in favor of the laser printer. If different types of labels or a combination of forms and labels are printed at a workplace, the pendulum clearly swings towards the laser printer. By using several trays one laser printer can print what is normally managed by several other printers or for which a change of media would be required. The fact that toner cartridges and laser printers are designed for volumes of up to 30,000 prints creates more benefits for stock holding and administration. The newer type industrial Oki and Lexmark laser printers have proven to work equally well in rough environmental conditions and are lower cost to operate than thermal transfer printers.
Application: Saving money by using laser printers
Benefit: Multifunctional printing system reduces work and costs
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308-> Automotive suppliers change over to Kanban cards made from GRAPHIPLAST®automotivo

Automotive suppliers change over to Kanban cards made from GRAPHIPLAST®automotivoThe Kanban (Japanese for signboard) is a control element for container workflow. The Kanban cards are assigned the task of data carrier. They are used, for instance, to control replenishing of supplies for assembly lines. The cards are usually individualized with color laser printers and, the allocation to material groups or manufacturing areas is controllautomotivo by color coding. Until now, the paper cards were protected from soiling by a PVC laminate which also prevented their falling out of thecontainer slots. However, laminating is time-consuming and involves an additional process step. Equally robust, but without a laminate, this is what the new cards made from GRAPHIPLAST® offer. An improvement that saves time and money without compromising quality.
Application: Container identification for Kanban systems
Benefit: Eliminates one process step – with enhanced properties
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307->Turkish wire rod manufacturer goes for two-track solution

Turkish wire rod manufacturer goes for two-track solution Turkey is a booming market. Local companies export a high percentage of their products and try to meet the requirements of the receiving countries. For wire rods this poses quite a challenge. The use of modern labeling solutions has not been possible up to now due to the high temperatures of up to 1100 °F. Since 2006, S+P have been offering an alternative to metal tags with their GRAPHIPLAST® 7377 material. Instead of rigid embossed metal tags, flexible, printable data carriers and barcodes are being used. As an economical option, two different products can be used: in areas where the maximum temperature is up to 600 °F, GRAPHIPLAST® 75250 is used as a proven and cost-saving solution. The combination of both materials offers an optimum cost/performance ratio.
Application: Barcode identification for wire rods
Benefit: Labeling to international standards
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306-> HQ Thermal Transfer Ribbons save costs

HQ Thermal Transfer Ribbons save costs The Mill of the 21st century faces high costs due to errors. The cost of the Thermal Transfer Ribbons is insignificant compared to the value of having a high quality printout on the data carrier tag or label. So why gamble? Let us make you a proposal of the adequate ribbon for your requirements and compare for yourself.
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305-> Wire Clips

Wire ClipsSave costs whenever you can’ is the motto of todays’ industrial manufacturers. Steel Mills are increasingly concerned about the high cost of wire which they are using to attach tags. Let us offer you our low cost clips solutions. They save you money and increase data security.
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304-> Solution for High Printing Volumes

Solution for High Printing VolumesFrequently, applications such as Odette identification or generating workflow documents to accompany materials mean that customers are faced with the requirement to print high volumes within a short period of time. Both thermal transfer printers and normal laser printers offer only limited resources for this requirement - a maximum of 300 to 500 labels. Kyocera offers an elegant solution which holds up to 2000 sheets, as in a professional photocopier. This technology combines variable formats with perfect feeding of individual sheets into the multifunctional tray. An optional, straight paper path prevents paper jams, even with more rigid materials. All in all, a well-engineered solution for demanding applications.
Application: Industrial printing solution for demanding users.
Benefit: Makes printer loading much quicker.
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303-> Smear-resistant printing for thermal transfer labels

Smear-resistant printing for thermal transfer labelsAll chains are only as strong as their weakest link. Translated to labels this means that everything – from the fastening method to the print – must be able to withstand influencing factors such as mechanical impact, heat, cleaning agents and chemicals. With thermal transfer technology, the ribbons are of particular importance. Even high-quality resin ribbons will soften after when they are exposed to temperatures above 100 °C/200F. When fastening to hot coils or containers this can cause a problem as the information can easily be smudged. The sp07-r ribbon guarantees an operating temperature of 240 °C/500F for GRAPHIPLAST® 7377. Up to this temperature the print remains smear-resistant.
Application: Secure identification at high temperatures
Benefit: Reliable components that complement each other
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302-> Intelligent adhesive solution vs. protective wallets

Intelligent adhesive solution vs. protective walletsLabels accompanying the material like production papers and shipping labels are frequently generated on paper andprotected with label wallets against adverse production environments. Any savings made by using paper for the labels are spent on expensive protective wallets. Condensation water, contamination and high temperatures will damage the data carriers in spite of the elaborate solution and make data difficult to read. Complex requirements for fastening the wallet - adhesive tape, adhesive areas, punched holes, slotted holes for strapping can be transferreddirectly to the label. A virtually indestructible data carrier creates security and improves functionality at lower cost. In addition, it is no longer necessary to put labels into the wallets and seal them, which can be quite laborious and, for the higher grade wallets, often quite time consuming.
Application: Steel strip coils + plate bundles, containers, Odette
Benefit: Two become one - improved functionality - lower cost
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301->Laser vs. Thermal Transfer – Users decide

Laser vs. Thermal Transfer – Users decide When printing labels various criteria play a part on deciding what printing systems to use for different applications. Apart from label size and shape, the material used and its handling properties, the users’ preference naturally plays an important part. The operator’s main concern is to have a solution that is reliable and functions well. Feeding the printer with print media, sorting out malfunctions and general handling should be simple. On these criteria the laser printer scores high. With toner cartridges for 30,000 pages, simple operation and feeding, laser printers meet these requirements brilliantly. Usually, no training is required to operate these types of printers. When given the choice, 3 out of 4 users decided in favor of laser printers – a clear vote.
Application: Industrial printing solution for demanding users.
Benefit: less work spent on the administration of printing systems
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