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  • ++++ Heat Resistant up to 900C/1650F +Acid Pickling Resistant, Flexible, Strong Plastics instead of Clumsy Metal Tags +Industrial Adhesives for Oily or Uneven/Difficult Surfaces +Printable with Standard Computer Printers (Laser, Thermal Transfer, Dot-Matrix)+Heat Resistant up to 900C/1650F +Acid Pickling Resistant, Flexible, Strong Plastics instead of Clumsy Metal Tags +Industrial Adhesives for Oily or Uneven/Difficult Surfaces +Printable with Standard Computer Printers (Laser, Thermal Transfer, Dot-Matrix)++++
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Recent articles

43-> The protective wallet is obsolete

Multi-Use Tags & Labels for In and OutdoorsPlastic films have widely replaced paper for applications where rough environments and outdoor storage pose particular challenges. For shipping heavy products stored outside, tags and adhesive plastic labels are now the standard. Protective wallets provide poor resistance to UV radiation, rough handling in the warehouse, and moisture. During production runs and in process control, workflow documents are frequently subject to heavy contamination and are exposed to oils and drafty environments. Plastic labels and tags for laser printers offer significant advantages. Our poly films are indestructible and the print stays intact at all times, in all traffic. Please request samples to see how easy it is to print on our laser labels and tags.
Application: Plastic tags replace paper cards and protective wallets
Benefit: Indestructible documents protect against data loss
Sample Requests: or call 305-393-8669

42-> The tag as a flag – a reliable ambassador

Multi-Use Tags & Labels for In and OutdoorsThe tag as a flag - an idea catches on. This idea was conceived in Steel Service Centers to be able to identify individual heavy plates in stacks. Manufacturers and distributors of sheet metal and plates rely on this solution. When there is an offset in the stack, barcodes can no longer be read and visual recognition is no longer possible. A flag tag is the best solution. For automatic recognition and capturing of stock movements or relocations, flag tags can be equipped with a transponder. The location of the steel plates can be captured effortlessly and entered into the company inventory system. Now it’s possible to match shipping requirements in real time and report completed loading procedures automatically. Please ask about our different flag tag options – with or without a transponder.
Application: Reliable ID of metal sheets and plates
Benefit: Warehouse efficiency with barcode and/or RFID
Sample Requests: or call 305-393-8669

41-> Engineering companies rely on versatile GRAPHIPLAST® solution

Multi-Use Tags & Labels for In and OutdoorsThere are lots of ways of fastening tags to products in factory and warehouse environments (protective wallets, adhesive tapes, glue sticks, etc.). Our multi-functional tags are equipped with high tech adhesives that stick to virtually any surface and leave no residue during and after removal. This ITI solution is both functional and effective - a hang tag that can also be applied as a self-adhesive label to plastic, metal, packaging and even on anti-corrosion oil. The ITI poly tag, with a high tech adhesive, is the solution for shipping parts, equipment and other goods. It will stick, even when it is shipped to distant construction or customer sites. Please ask us for samples.
Application: Part identification - simple and reliable with this multi-tasker
Benefit: One label for all applications
Sample Requests: or call 305-393-8669

40-> GRAPHIPLAST® 7247 – a new superior foil at lower cost

Multi-Use Tags & Labels for In and OutdoorsThe success of our specially formulated poly foil materials is due to a wide range of properties they provide. With a temperature tolerance of up to 1100F (580 °C), resistance to all known chemicals used in manufacturing processes, weather proof characteristics, tearing strength and a variety of other properties, we have set new standards for labeling and tagging for many years. However, until recently, none of our existing products managed to combine of all of these properties to the maximum. Our newly developed GRAPHIPLAST® 7247.151 represents a new generation of poly tags for thermal transfer printers and makes them superior to all their predecessors.
Application: Identification for harsh production environments
Benefit: Data security for production and shipping identification
Sample Requests: or call 305-393-8669

39-> Strongest Adhesives on the Market

Multi-Use Tags & Labels for In and OutdoorsQuantity and quality of adhesive combined with adequate base material properties are important to insure proper bonding on difficult surface. Our labels carry optimal adhesive films to ensure strong bonding while reducing equipment maintenance/cleaning. These high tech adhesives tolerate oil, dirt/dust, acid/cleaning agents, water, weather, extreme cold and heat.
Sample Requests: or call 305-393-8669

38-> RFID reliable technology for Steel Slabs

RFID reliable technology for Steel SlabsOne of the objectives of modern identification technology is automated monitoring of product movements. Matching shipping specifications and manifests are used to prevent errors. Automation is key and data needs to carry itself. While moving steel slabs by crane for example, conventional barcode scanning is challenging. Radio frequency identification technology (RFID) including transponders ensures secure reading of data from a distance. The system was introduced during a pilot project of shipping steel slaps from Brazil to the US. This technology has been added to our ultra durable GRAPHIPLAST® 7278 labels and is available for immediate delivery.
Sample Requests: or call 305-393-8669

37-> Secure Tag Attachment Solutions

Secure Tag Attachment SolutionsSpring Steel Clips are replacing wire ropes and slings. Secure Identification requires 100% secure attachment of the data carrier to the product. We have extended our selection of clips to meet any application on the market at lowest cost. Designs and materials may be optimized to meet all your requirements.
Sample Requests: or call 305-393-8669

36-> More Heavy Duty Laser Labels Standard Sizes added

More Heavy Duty Laser Labels Standard Sizes addedWe have increased our selection of ultra durable US standard size Labels for conventional laser printers. Sheets from 30/labels to 3/labels are now available off the shelf, including the new low cost label 6993.
Sample Requests: or call 305-393-8669

35-> Ribbons, Ribbons, Ribbons

Ribbons, Ribbons, RibbonsWe carry every ribbon type on the market and include a supply in most orders of Thermal Transfer Labels and Tags. This is to ensure you are using the proper and most advanced ribbon. No more experiments. You are in good hands.
Sample Requests: or call 305-393-8669

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